This is the first freeform poem I’ve ever tried to write, and yeah, I can work it to make it less… beating-you-over-the-head-with-the-theme.

A Dog’s Howl


A dog’s howl

A dog’s howl in the night

Can you hear it?

That rough cry, that desolate howl of despair

Strong and unrelenting near its onset

But gradually fading into a futile, plaintive cry

I can imagine it

The dog’s strong paws standing uneasily on the back porch

His ears up, then lowered, then flat

Weary, he lays down upon snowy, unforgiving stone

That dog must feel so alone


That dog

Staring up into the deep indigo haze of the night sky

If one were to imagine the collective anguish of humanity

Assembled into one sound

This would be what would be heard


A dog’s howl is the saddest sound ever to be heard

He must be so alone