Who Are You?




The teacher said,


Answer this question: who are you?

Even if it seems a daunting task,

After discussing this topic, this theme,

See if you can write, at last.


Alright, let’s give it a whirl:

I am eighteen, from England, and formerly from Florida,

I live in Gorham, in Maine, in New England,

In the United States of America, on planet Earth,

In a spindly arm of the Milky Way Galaxy,

And in God knows what else?


I’m a thinker of abstract thoughts,

And a dreamer of abstract dreams,

Young white male seeking a responsive world.


I like to read, write, and listen to what the world says,

I like to stay active, in mind, body, and soul,

Am I that different from those around me?


Some days I wear blue jeans, a white shirt, and sneakers,

Other days, see me wearing shorts and sandals,

Or my purple-green-blue parka, a size too large for me.


I’m a self-proclaimed optimistic cynic,

People are inherently good, except when they aren’t, even me;

I suppose I’m a realist,

I have likes and dislikes, passions and things that I really couldn’t care less about,

Sort of like everybody else.


I understand the prompt,

And what you wanted us to do.

I just don’t understand why everyone’s papers are so different,

When in reality, we’re all basically the same,

You are me, and, essentially, I am you.